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4 Reasons Customers Love Our Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchises

4 Reasons Customers Love Our Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchises

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is one of the most beloved fast-casual restaurant franchises around. Why? Because not only do we work hard to support our franchisees, customers love what we have to offer. Here, we’ll review a few of the reasons that customers choose The Great Greek.

1. Our Unique Menu

Even though Mediterranean food like ours is becoming more popular in the U.S., restaurants like The Great Greek can’t be found on every corner. We offer a unique full menu featuring many dishes that can only be enjoyed in our restaurants. Whether it’s one of our proprietary Original Greek Rice Bowls or a classic like a gyro, we put a unique twist on our entire selection. Every member of the family will find something they love at The Great Greek.

2. Quality Comes First

Unlike other fast-casual restaurant franchises, the quality of our ingredients is a top priority. We source our meat and produce from trusted vendors so our franchisees get great prices on the foods they need. For customers, the difference is clear. They love that ordering from The Great Greek isn’t just convenient, it allows them to enjoy wholesome food that’s a cut above the rest.

3. Our Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchises are Conveniently Located

One of the reasons our brand is expanding is that we put careful thought into the location of each restaurant. Our parent company, United Franchise Group, has decades of experience setting up new franchises of all sorts. They’re experts in real estate, and provide franchisees with valuable guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect location that’s visible and easily-accessible to their customer base. Customers love that they can dine-in at The Great Greek in their neighborhood, or simply swing by to grab a meal on the go.

4. Excellent Service

A key part of The Greek Greek’s difference from other fast-casual restaurant franchises is that we want each of our guests to feel like part of the family. Servers are trained to provide our high level of service, and they go above and beyond for customers every day. The way we treat our customers mirrors our dedication to supporting our franchises.

We know that when our franchisees do well, our entire brand benefits. That’s why we provide them with valuable resources throughout the life of their business such as:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Marketing materials
  • Goal setting and guidance
  • Time-tested systems that are easy to implement
  • One-on-one assistance when questions or problems arise

We want the process of starting and growing your new business to be as easy as possible, so you can count on The Greek Greek’s franchise team to guide you through the process.

Ready to learn more about the popularity of our fast-casual restaurant franchise? Contact The Great Greek today.

How to Stand Out in the QSR Industry

How to Stand Out in the QSR Industry

There’s no question that the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is booming. Customers love that these restaurants allow them to access great food without any hassle. You have your choice of QSR franchise opportunities to choose from, but The Great Greek stands out for many reasons. Based on our years of experience, we’ve compiled this list of a few ways to set yourself apart in the industry.

1. Choose the QSR Franchise Opportunity That’s Right for You

There are many options to choose from in the QSR industry, so do your research and find a brand that not only has great potential, but that will be a good fit for you and your personal goals. When you contact The Great Greek for more information on our QSR franchise opportunity, we’ll give you straightforward information about what we provide our franchisees and what we expect in return. For instance, we expect our franchisees to take an active role in the early stages of building their business but welcome them to step back once things are up and running. We think our brand is a great fit for investors who are looking to open single or multiple locations, and our concept works well for those who want to be hands-on or hands-off with their investment. 

2. Offer Something Different

There’s no shortage of QSRs that offer fare like burgers, pizza, and pasta. On one hand, this makes sense because there’s no doubt that Americans love those foods. On the other hand, entrepreneurs that open restaurants that don’t offer something different face tough competition. We’ve found that offering something unique has been a key driver of The Great Greek’s growth. Not only is our menu delicious, foods like ours can’t be found just anywhere. That’s why we enjoy a distinct competitive edge.

3. Treat Your Customers Like Family

The Great Greek started out as a family business, and family is one of our core values to this day. Our staff treats customers like family so they feel valued every time they stop in for a meal. Servers often remember the names of regular customers, and always greet them warmly. We go above and beyond for them whenever possible and love surpassing their expectations. 

Not only is great service a way to stand out in the QSR industry, it’s also indicative of how a franchisor will treat their franchisees. There’s a good chance that franchisors who value relationship-building with customers are also serious about welcoming franchisees to their brand family. That’s certainly the case with The Great Greek!

Ready to learn more about why The Great Greek has been an industry standout for years? Contact us today to get the full story.

How to Start a Greek Restaurant Business

How to Start a Greek Restaurant Business

If you’ve been researching restaurant franchise opportunities, you’ve probably been wondering how much time and effort it takes to establish a new business. When it comes to how to start a Greek restaurant business, you couldn’t ask for a more straightforward process than The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill has to offer. Here, we’ll outline a few key steps in the process. 

Identify a Great Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

It goes without saying that you should do careful research on multiple franchisors before making a decision. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill stands out for many reasons. For one thing, we’re part of United Franchise Group, a powerhouse in the franchising world. Their decades of experience combined with our knowledge of Greek cuisine have led to a restaurant franchise opportunity that’s hard to beat. Between ongoing training and support resources, startup support, and extensive marketing resources, we think you’ll find that our franchise model has a lot to offer. 

Make the Most of Your Initial Training

In your initial training, we’ll show you exactly how to start a Greek restaurant business off right. You’ll learn valuable information such as how to …

  • Fully leverage our restaurant franchise opportunity
  • Manage inventory and ordering
  • Launch a targeted marketing campaign
  • Prepare our popular menu
  • Find and retain customers
  • … and much more

By the time you leave your initial training, you should feel confident and ready to hit the ground running. We’ll continue to work closely with you throughout your grand opening to ensure that things go smoothly, and all your questions are answered. Of course, you’ll continue to enjoy ongoing support throughout the life of your business.

Prioritize the Customer Experience

One of our core values at The Great Greek is to offer stellar service. We ask that our employees treat every guest as though they were family, whether they’re coming in for a family dinner or are simply grabbing a meal to go. For nearly 10 years we’ve been building a strong reputation as a great place to eat, and our brand name will likely be an asset to you as you work to establish your own customer base. However, your location’s reputation will depend on the customer experiences you and your staff provide. 

Let Us Help You Grow

Another great benefit of partnering with The Great Greek is that we’re invested in your franchise. We offer our franchisees many resources (such as business coaching and ongoing training) to help them meet their goals. Take advantage of resources like these – our experts want to help you thrive!

Ready to learn more about what goes into starting a Greek restaurant? Contact us today!

Our Ideal Franchisee

Our Ideal Franchisee

The Great Greek restaurant franchise opportunity was designed for investors who are looking to start a different kind of fast-casual restaurant: one that prioritizes quality and serves unique fare that can’t be found anywhere else. We work with franchisees from many different backgrounds, and we’re flexible on the criteria that we look for. That being said, there are some criteria that can simplify the process of opening and operating one of our restaurants. Let’s review some of those criteria here.

Financially Well-Qualified for Our Greek Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

We estimate that the total initial investment in a new franchise will start at around $300K. We’re looking for franchisees who have around $150K in liquid assets. We’ve found that franchisees with this amount of capital are better able to nurture their new business in its early stages, and typically make great candidates for SBA loans should they choose to finance part of the investment. 

Shares Our Values

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill started off as a family restaurant, where generations of great Greek culinary knowledge culminated in our unique menu. Families have always loved The Great Greek because there’s something for everyone on our menu and we prioritize excellent service. 

Additionally, we’re serious about never cutting corners. We only allow the freshest, highest-quality ingredients into our kitchens because we only serve our customers the best. 

We’re looking for franchisees who share these values to take advantage of our Greek restaurant franchise opportunity. 

Restaurant Experience is Helpful

The Great Greek is a different kind of restaurant than your typical fast-casual because we offer a full menu of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine prepared right in-house. Because of that, having some restaurant is helpful and will likely make the transition to Great Greek franchisee a lot smoother. That being said, all new franchisees take part in a comprehensive training program that’s designed to get them up-to-speed on our policies and procedures. If you’re willing to learn, and are dedicated to adopting our business model, there’s a good chance you’re a great fit for our Greek restaurant franchise opportunity.

Ready to Take Initiative 

One of the best parts of franchising with a brand like The Great Greek is that we’ve already done a lot of the leg work for you in terms of developing an effective business model, creating marketing materials, establishing a popular menu, and so forth. Still, it’s important that our franchisees are ready to go the extra mile to help their new business succeed. We’re looking for franchisees who will go above and beyond to find their customer base and maintain the highest standards. Your investment gets you the basics you’ll need to build a thriving business, but your hard work will make the difference.

Ready to learn more about our Greek restaurant franchise opportunity? Contact us to learn more about what it takes to get started.

Focus on Freshness: How The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Does it Better

Focus on Freshness: How The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Does it Better

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill prioritizes freshness because we strive to go above and beyond what other fast-casual franchises have to offer. Not only are our fresh ingredients cultivated from the best sources, we offer proprietary recipes that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, learn a little more about how our menu stands out. 

We Prioritize Freshness

Fresh ingredients are the key to a quality menu, so we make them a priority. We make many of our sauces, soups, marinades, and desserts fresh every day. Our ingredients (such as meats and veggies) are always freshly chopped and trimmed daily. Other fast-casual franchises’ idea of freshness is a burger that’s been sitting under a warming lamp for less than 30 minutes. For customers, The Great Greek difference is only to clear. 

While we love having our guests dine in, our carry-out options are also popular. We can get a meal ready quickly so customers can grab a bit whenever they’d like. With a standard of quality far above our competitors’, The Great Greek is a major contender in the fast-casual business. 

Our Fast-Casual Franchise Has Something for Every Member of the Family

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill originally became popular as a family restaurant. Our founders value family mealtimes, and wanted to create a dining experience that was fun for every member of the family. Our menu features classic Greek favorites like gyros and souvlaki, and we put our unique twist on every dish. 

When families dine in at The Great Greek, they can also look forward to exemplary service. We want them to feel like members of our family, and great service has been a key part of our business model for years. 

Take Advantage of Our Time-Tested System

How is The Great Greek able to offer high-quality, fresh food at a reasonable price and without much of a wait? You’ll need to become a franchise partner to find out! We’ve been fine-tuning our business model for nearly ten years so that we can offer convenience without ever sacrificing quality. When you become a franchisee, we’ll train you in every aspect of how to manage your new business. 

As part of the United Franchise Group, we have unique insight into what it takes to build a successful franchise. Their business knowledge along with our expertise in Mediterranean cuisine have allowed us to develop a comprehensive training program. We’ll show you how to:

  • Manage inventory
  • Prepare our proprietary menu
  • Manage a sanitary and highly-efficient kitchen area
  • Develop marketing campaigns to attract new customers
  • Find the perfect location for your new business
  • … and much more

If you’re looking to break into the fast-casual industry with a restaurant that prioritizes quality and freshness, look no further than The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

What are The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill’s Franchise Costs?

What are The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill’s Franchise Costs?

We’ve worked to keep The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill franchise costs low and simple to break down. You might be surprised to find that opening one of our restaurants doesn’t cost nearly as much as you’d think. When you request a copy of our franchise disclosure document, you’ll be able to review all the details of our food franchise opportunities and the associated costs. For now, here’s a sneak peek at some of the key parts of the investment.

The Total Initial Investment

We estimate that the total costs to open one of our restaurant will range between $300K-$400K. The exact amount will vary depending on factors like where your franchise will be located, how large it is, and so forth. While we can’t control all of the variables, nearly a decade in the business has given us good insight into exactly what you’ll need to get started. This figure includes just about everything it takes to get your restaurant up and running, including:

  • Buildout costs
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Initial marketing expenses
  • Travel costs (to and from your initial training)
  • Your initial franchise fee 
  • … and much more

Independent owners often struggle to anticipate everything they’ll need to get a new restaurant up and running, but The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill’s franchise costs include just about everything you’ll need – greatly reducing the risk of unexpected expenses.

The Initial Franchise Fee

An important part of the total initial investment is the one-time franchise fee. Like other food franchise opportunities, The Great Greek assesses a franchise fee to offset some of the costs we incur while onboarding new franchisees. Our initial franchise fee of $39,500 comes with many benefits, including access to our well-regarded brand name. When you open up shop under The Great Greek’s name, there’s a good chance that many people will already be familiar with who we are and what they can expect when they walk into your restaurant. Why spend years building a reputation from scratch when you can leverage ours?

The initial franchise fee also grants you access to our business model, which has been developed over the years to be as efficient as possible. We don’t want our franchisees to waste time and resources, so we’ve developed a model that’s simple to master and leaves maximum opportunity for growth. 

One of the most valuable resources your initial franchise fee grants you access to is your initial training. You’ll join us at our corporate headquarters where we’ll give you the details on exactly how to run your new franchise. We’ll even join you at your location around the time of your grand opening to help you implement what you’ve learned. When you partner with The Great Greek, there’s no need to go it alone.

Want to learn more about the cost of our food franchise opportunities? Contact The Great Greek today.