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The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is one of the most beloved fast-casual restaurant franchises around. Why? Because not only do we work hard to support our franchisees, customers love what we have to offer. Here, we’ll review a few of the reasons that customers choose The Great Greek.

1. Our Unique Menu

Even though Mediterranean food like ours is becoming more popular in the U.S., restaurants like The Great Greek can’t be found on every corner. We offer a unique full menu featuring many dishes that can only be enjoyed in our restaurants. Whether it’s one of our proprietary Original Greek Rice Bowls or a classic like a gyro, we put a unique twist on our entire selection. Every member of the family will find something they love at The Great Greek.

2. Quality Comes First

Unlike other fast-casual restaurant franchises, the quality of our ingredients is a top priority. We source our meat and produce from trusted vendors so our franchisees get great prices on the foods they need. For customers, the difference is clear. They love that ordering from The Great Greek isn’t just convenient, it allows them to enjoy wholesome food that’s a cut above the rest.

3. Our Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchises are Conveniently Located

One of the reasons our brand is expanding is that we put careful thought into the location of each restaurant. Our parent company, United Franchise Group, has decades of experience setting up new franchises of all sorts. They’re experts in real estate, and provide franchisees with valuable guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect location that’s visible and easily-accessible to their customer base. Customers love that they can dine-in at The Great Greek in their neighborhood, or simply swing by to grab a meal on the go.

4. Excellent Service

A key part of The Greek Greek’s difference from other fast-casual restaurant franchises is that we want each of our guests to feel like part of the family. Servers are trained to provide our high level of service, and they go above and beyond for customers every day. The way we treat our customers mirrors our dedication to supporting our franchises.

We know that when our franchisees do well, our entire brand benefits. That’s why we provide them with valuable resources throughout the life of their business such as:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Marketing materials
  • Goal setting and guidance
  • Time-tested systems that are easy to implement
  • One-on-one assistance when questions or problems arise

We want the process of starting and growing your new business to be as easy as possible, so you can count on The Greek Greek’s franchise team to guide you through the process.

Ready to learn more about the popularity of our fast-casual restaurant franchise? Contact The Great Greek today.