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If you’ve been researching restaurant franchise opportunities, you’ve probably been wondering how much time and effort it takes to establish a new business. When it comes to how to start a Greek restaurant business, you couldn’t ask for a more straightforward process than The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill has to offer. Here, we’ll outline a few key steps in the process. 

Identify a Great Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

It goes without saying that you should do careful research on multiple franchisors before making a decision. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill stands out for many reasons. For one thing, we’re part of United Franchise Group, a powerhouse in the franchising world. Their decades of experience combined with our knowledge of Greek cuisine have led to a restaurant franchise opportunity that’s hard to beat. Between ongoing training and support resources, startup support, and extensive marketing resources, we think you’ll find that our franchise model has a lot to offer. 

Make the Most of Your Initial Training

In your initial training, we’ll show you exactly how to start a Greek restaurant business off right. You’ll learn valuable information such as how to …

  • Fully leverage our restaurant franchise opportunity
  • Manage inventory and ordering
  • Launch a targeted marketing campaign
  • Prepare our popular menu
  • Find and retain customers
  • … and much more

By the time you leave your initial training, you should feel confident and ready to hit the ground running. We’ll continue to work closely with you throughout your grand opening to ensure that things go smoothly, and all your questions are answered. Of course, you’ll continue to enjoy ongoing support throughout the life of your business.

Prioritize the Customer Experience

One of our core values at The Great Greek is to offer stellar service. We ask that our employees treat every guest as though they were family, whether they’re coming in for a family dinner or are simply grabbing a meal to go. For nearly 10 years we’ve been building a strong reputation as a great place to eat, and our brand name will likely be an asset to you as you work to establish your own customer base. However, your location’s reputation will depend on the customer experiences you and your staff provide. 

Let Us Help You Grow

Another great benefit of partnering with The Great Greek is that we’re invested in your franchise. We offer our franchisees many resources (such as business coaching and ongoing training) to help them meet their goals. Take advantage of resources like these – our experts want to help you thrive!

Ready to learn more about what goes into starting a Greek restaurant? Contact us today!