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We’ve worked to keep The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill franchise costs low and simple to break down. You might be surprised to find that opening one of our restaurants doesn’t cost nearly as much as you’d think. When you request a copy of our franchise disclosure document, you’ll be able to review all the details of our food franchise opportunities and the associated costs. For now, here’s a sneak peek at some of the key parts of the investment.

The Total Initial Investment

We estimate that the total costs to open one of our restaurant will range between $300K-$400K. The exact amount will vary depending on factors like where your franchise will be located, how large it is, and so forth. While we can’t control all of the variables, nearly a decade in the business has given us good insight into exactly what you’ll need to get started. This figure includes just about everything it takes to get your restaurant up and running, including:

  • Buildout costs
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Initial marketing expenses
  • Travel costs (to and from your initial training)
  • Your initial franchise fee 
  • … and much more

Independent owners often struggle to anticipate everything they’ll need to get a new restaurant up and running, but The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill’s franchise costs include just about everything you’ll need – greatly reducing the risk of unexpected expenses.

The Initial Franchise Fee

An important part of the total initial investment is the one-time franchise fee. Like other food franchise opportunities, The Great Greek assesses a franchise fee to offset some of the costs we incur while onboarding new franchisees. Our initial franchise fee of $39,500 comes with many benefits, including access to our well-regarded brand name. When you open up shop under The Great Greek’s name, there’s a good chance that many people will already be familiar with who we are and what they can expect when they walk into your restaurant. Why spend years building a reputation from scratch when you can leverage ours?

The initial franchise fee also grants you access to our business model, which has been developed over the years to be as efficient as possible. We don’t want our franchisees to waste time and resources, so we’ve developed a model that’s simple to master and leaves maximum opportunity for growth. 

One of the most valuable resources your initial franchise fee grants you access to is your initial training. You’ll join us at our corporate headquarters where we’ll give you the details on exactly how to run your new franchise. We’ll even join you at your location around the time of your grand opening to help you implement what you’ve learned. When you partner with The Great Greek, there’s no need to go it alone.

Want to learn more about the cost of our food franchise opportunities? Contact The Great Greek today.