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There’s no question that the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is booming. Customers love that these restaurants allow them to access great food without any hassle. You have your choice of QSR franchise opportunities to choose from, but The Great Greek stands out for many reasons. Based on our years of experience, we’ve compiled this list of a few ways to set yourself apart in the industry.

1. Choose the QSR Franchise Opportunity That’s Right for You

There are many options to choose from in the QSR industry, so do your research and find a brand that not only has great potential, but that will be a good fit for you and your personal goals. When you contact The Great Greek for more information on our QSR franchise opportunity, we’ll give you straightforward information about what we provide our franchisees and what we expect in return. For instance, we expect our franchisees to take an active role in the early stages of building their business but welcome them to step back once things are up and running. We think our brand is a great fit for investors who are looking to open single or multiple locations, and our concept works well for those who want to be hands-on or hands-off with their investment. 

2. Offer Something Different

There’s no shortage of QSRs that offer fare like burgers, pizza, and pasta. On one hand, this makes sense because there’s no doubt that Americans love those foods. On the other hand, entrepreneurs that open restaurants that don’t offer something different face tough competition. We’ve found that offering something unique has been a key driver of The Great Greek’s growth. Not only is our menu delicious, foods like ours can’t be found just anywhere. That’s why we enjoy a distinct competitive edge.

3. Treat Your Customers Like Family

The Great Greek started out as a family business, and family is one of our core values to this day. Our staff treats customers like family so they feel valued every time they stop in for a meal. Servers often remember the names of regular customers, and always greet them warmly. We go above and beyond for them whenever possible and love surpassing their expectations. 

Not only is great service a way to stand out in the QSR industry, it’s also indicative of how a franchisor will treat their franchisees. There’s a good chance that franchisors who value relationship-building with customers are also serious about welcoming franchisees to their brand family. That’s certainly the case with The Great Greek!

Ready to learn more about why The Great Greek has been an industry standout for years? Contact us today to get the full story.